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A lot has changed since 1995, when BikePro was first introduced. For openers, there was virtually no software for cyclists back then. Now, cyclists have many choices, such as Garmin Connect, Map My Ride and Strava. These are all very easy to use web sites. As free sites, they provide many nice facilities. Some, such as May My Ride and Strava, provide even more features for a monthly subscription fee.

Why am I telling you about these? To ensure you are aware of your choices and to make it clear that the purpose of BikePro is not to complete with these web based providers. I developed BikePro to provide a way to manage all your cycling related information. In addition to training data, BikePro allows you to track information about bicycles and components, a Service Log to record service information and a Reminder system to tell you when a service is due. Are you trying to decide if the 11-25 cassette is better than the 12-21 cassette? Using the Gearing Calculator, you can compare any number of gearing combinations. Once you've entered the data, you can save it and review it as many times as you like.  If you like taking pictures or videos during your rides -- be it a 10 minute commute or 3 day excursion -- you can attach any file, including pictures or videos, to a Training Log entry. Attachments can be added to numerous other screens, such as the Bicycle, Components and Rides screen. Forgot what you attached to which screen? Just open the Personal Data screen and view all your attachments.  So you see, even if you use one of those other fancy web sites, you might want to use BikePro as well to take advantage of all the additional features it provides.

BikePro installs on your Windows-based system, where you have complete control over your information. No need to worry about someone hacking a web site and stealing your personal information.  If you want to share information with your friends, you can still upload it to one of those other sites -- the choice is yours.

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